Matthew Southall


Matthew Southall for Kings-Hants


Freedom, Fairness, Personal Responsibility, and Respect—
Let’s get started!

Matthew Southall is the first People's Party of Canada candidate for the federal riding of Kings-Hants, Nova Scotia.

Matthew is a deeply passionate advocate for freedom, mental health, and fiscal responsibility.

”Working for almost a decade as a telecommunications technician has allowed me the privileged and opportunity to be in about five different Nova Scotian households every day. I see the struggles they face and the dreams they chase.”

Matthew started his career at eighteen years old as a summer student while attending Memorial University in Newfoundland. His work and class schedule were so close to overlapping that he had to bring his hard hat along with him to his microeconomics class.
He spent three years working towards a regional development certificate, enabled by his geography and business mixture of courses. Unfortunately, like many students, the bills stacked too high and it was time to enter the world of full time employment.

Matthew went on to become a full time technician, and the chair of several workplace committees within his organization (Occupational Health and Safety Chair, South Western NS; Unifor Mental Health Committee Founder and Chair; Shop Steward and Unit 6 Chair for Unifor2289).

”I have always been a strong advocate for others, however being a politician has never been a personal aspiration for me. I do however put my principles out to the public for discussion and I have seen how the lines in politics have shifted. I am not talking about the “Right” vs “Left” shift like anything you would see on the evening news. This is in part my goal, to help people realize there is another dimension. People’s political beliefs fall within a two-axis spectrum, not on a simple left right dichotomy. I am focused on the “Libertarian” vs “Authoritarian” shift. Culture has shifted steadily towards authoritarian positions and laws. To me it seems explained by how both of our biggest political players are infringing on the rights and freedoms (speech, expression, religion, privacy, gun ownership) by its participation in the sovereignty shrinking agendas of the UN. Both players also seem to have a poor track record with consistently adding to Canada’s national debt and rising cost of living. Both sides also seem to be telling others what they can or cannot think and say. When I learned of Maxime’s decision to start the People’s Party of Canada I rejoiced! Finally a party with values I believed in, and a plan I could get behind. I signed up immediately as a founding member. Maxime visited Halifax for a rally where I learned that Maxime would require candidates in 90% of the ridings in order to bring his message to the national debates. I was contacted by a executive member, now my campaign manager, who invited me to the EDA’s second meeting. I joined the communications committee and met with the many fellow residents of Kings Hants who had also heard Maxime’s call to action. Through several meetings, we became an efficient and close team. The time was drawing near and though we had excellent contenders, we still hadn’t had a confirmed candidate. I was encouraged by those at our Kings Hants PPC meetings to be the candidate. The consequences (in part) would be that I could support the principles of freedom, fairness, personal responsibly, and respect by helping to ensure Maxime’s participation in the national debate. Let it be known my willingness to put action where my beliefs are. I am not afraid of winning or loosing, I am afraid of not speaking up. As a champion of free speech I want a Canada where tourists proclaim: “I saw people debating furiously one moment, and embracing the next. I never felt like I had to hide my beliefs to any Canadian I experienced, for I knew they would embrace my diversity of thought!" Is it not a Canadian vision to want a united country? Not united by politics, but by tolerance. We need to feel comfortable to express ourselves, it is crucial to a healthy and evolving culture. If elected by the residents of Kings Hants I will represent them with the same vigor and success that I have for my work colleagues within my role as shop steward from interests that seek to control them. I am a capable candidate for the role, and your choice for freedom. I know it is a new concept in the mainstream discussion and so that is why I say: Let’s Get Started!“





People’s Party of Canada Platform

Unleashing Canada’s Potential

Bring Canadian Oil to Canadian consumers until it becomes reasonable for the poorest Canadians to make the shift to renewable sources.

Standing Up for Rural Canadians

In the federal riding of Kings Hants.

Decentralizing and Shrinking Government

Time to shrink the bloated beast that has become our Government, and allow Provinces the freedom they need to innovate and succeed.

A Foreign Policy Focused on the Security and Prosperity of Canadians

Ensuring the future sovereignty of Canada remain the personal responsibly of Canadians.

Making Every Canadian Richer

You don’t need Government to spend your money for you. Putting money into your pockets to put it where it really counts.

Fair Gun Policy for Canada

Respecting law-abiding gun owners.



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